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Games I've played in

A medieval magic-and-mayhem game
A parallel world - It's the Massachusetts Institue of Thaumaturgy. Unfortunately, I died fairly early in the game. (Thanks, Ross!)
To Reign In Hell
Loosely based on the novel of the same name. Lots of action!
Midnight in Moscow
Yevgeny Solo, Mossad Agent, Stealth Fighter Pilot!
Inaugurated the ``Clueless Leading the Blind'' Award for doing a riddle trail in the most confusing order...
AH! If it's been in any games, it's in here! End-of-the-world, aliens, magic, SWORD, you name it.... I also did fairly well, although as a slightly deluded character.
Hmm...Run #:
  1. Hugh Dietrich, PFC Troopers. ~70 kills
  2. Vespid Drone
  3. Vespid Warrior. 10 kills
Party at Mort's Place
I played the Wild Elf who rejoined Elven society - none of this ``Rainbow-brite, prancing through the forests shit'' - we set off to conquer the world.
I played the Eco-Terrorist, and I managed to evade the evil scientists!
Badlands III
I had command off the US Army team, and managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!
Ankara, 1943
Izim Mahar, Police Lieutenant and Assassin.
Received the ``Andy Ellis & Emily Havens Natural Born Killers Award'' for 55% of in-game deaths.
Arctic Base (Spring 1995)
I was a GM for this game, but it didn't happen, really.
Equator (Spring 1995)
A game in which the Kzinti (Me, Larry, Hex, Chad, and Elise) demonstrated that having shtick backed by Patrol skills can outintimidate anyone.
Circle Of Death (Spring 1995)
One of the shorter circles, I ended it by killing over half of the game, then blowing up myself and the last person in game.
A full listing of the circle game
X-Files (Rush 1995)
Pyrokinetic. KILL KILL. Now if only I could get my powers back.....
Moon Over Bourbon Street (Fall 1995)
The Amerind warrior lawyer, ended with the New New Orleans port, completely exempt from all federal laws.....
House Kurita
The powerhungry second son of Clan ???, poisoned my older brother, killed my rival (Dave Kern) in ritual sword combat, and then killed myself.
Peace in Our Time (IAP 1996)
Calvin, of Calvin, Calvin, Calvin, and Calvin. We'd have brainwashed the world, dammit, if only we hadn't been slain by the destroy the world losers!
Cyberpunk (Spring 1996)
One of the Thrudds (Alvin, I think). Think Robocop.
Caverns (Spring 1996)
Along with Andy (Menard), one of the two cursed guardians of the hellhole.
Calypso (Post-Finals 1996)
Really old scientist/researcher from another world, hunting the dimension-crossers to prevent a dimensional war. Died at the hands of a loa for being too much weirdshit.
Three-Edged Sword (Summer 1996)
One of the two dukes in contention.
Heart Of the Stone (Summer 1996)
One of the Tairen High Lords.
Z'ha'dum (Fall 1996)
I ran this one, too. It rocked!
Catastrophe (Fall, 1996)
BG Frances Xane. Head of the CIA cell in theater. became alternate FBI commander in game. Killer of James Bond.
B5: Garments of Vengeance
Nexus:Recontact (SIK) (Fall 1998)
Amar Collective
Saturday Morning Massacre (Spring 1999)
Panthro, Slayer of Tigger and Judge Doom
Nanopunk (Spring 1999)
Hank Lester (Hans Lieber (of Hans and Frans notoriety))
Nexus: Operation Toronnan Horse (3rd run, Spring 1999)
Spakk'l Mai. Combat Adept, Fighter Pilot Extraordinaire.

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