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Committee of Annual Recurrence

Corporation Joint Advisory Committee on Institute-Wide Affairs (CJAC)

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The purpose of CJAC (established in 1969) is to associate with the Corporation a representative group at MIT to which the Corporation can turn for consideration and advice on special Institute-wide matters requiring Corporation attention. In considering such matters, the committee makes available to the Corporation (at the Corporation's request or the committee's own initiative) information, views, and advice resulting from discussion and interaction among students, faculty, and Corporation members.

The committee provides an additional means for bringing student and faculty representatives into regular communication with the Corporation on matters of long-range importance to the MIT community.

The committee also serves to acquaint the MIT community more fully with the role and responsibilities of the Corporation.

The committee, elected annually by the Corporation, consists of 18 members:

  • 6 Corporation members nominated by the Membership Committee. (One chairs the committee; one is President of the Association of Alumni and Alumnae of MIT; at least one is local to the Boston and Cambridge communities.)
  • 6 faculty members nominated by the faculty (including the Chair of the Faculty).
  • 6 students including the President of the Undergraduate Association; the President of the Graduate Student Council; two undergraduate students nominated by an elective process by undergraduates; and two graduate students nominated by an elective process by graduate students.

Corporation members and faculty are elected for terms ranging from one to three years. Students are elected for one-year terms. The term of service for an ex officio member is concurrent with the term of service in his or her respective office.

The chair is expected to make periodic reports to the Corporation on the deliberations of the committee.

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This year the members of CJAC are:

R. Erich Caulfield

Krishna Rajagopal
Ex Officio

Nicolas E. Chammas
Ex Officio

Arolyn M. Conwill
Ex Officio

Sophia Liu
Ex Officio

Bruce N. Anderson (2018)
Rasheed K. Auguste (2017)
Patricia R. Callahan (2017)
Mary C. Fuller (2017)
Annette Hosoi (2017)
Paul M. Kominers (2017)
Jia-Hui Lee (2017)
Vrajesh Y. Modi (2019)
Brandt C. Nelson (2017)
Neri Oxman (2019)
Lawrence Sass (2019)
Christopher D. Smith (2017)

(Terms expire on June 30 of the year indicated)

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MIT Corporation elects new members (June 2016)

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