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Bylaws of MIT

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Section 19

Visiting Committees

Visiting Committees shall consist either wholly of members of the Corporation or partly of such members and partly of others. It shall be the duty of the Visiting Committees to visit and inspect the several departments of instruction and other divisions of MIT, and to report thereon from time to time to members of the Corporation. The Membership Committee shall give careful consideration to avoiding actual or apparent conflicts of interest in appointing members of Visiting Committees. A former President who is a member of the MIT faculty shall not serve on the Visiting Committee for an academic department of which the former President is then a faculty member, but is not per se disqualified from serving on another Visiting Committee.


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The Bylaws of the MIT Corporation were most recently amended on December 7, 2012. They are available in an easy-print version (PDF). To view this file, you will need the Acrobat reader.


MIT Corporation elects new members (June 2016)

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