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Bylaws of MIT

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Section 8

Chair of the Corporation

The Chair of the Corporation, at the time of election, shall be either a former President, the retiring President, or a member (not emeritus) of the Corporation. The specified duties of the Chair of the Corporation shall be:

To preside at all meetings of the members of the Corporation and to be an ex officio member of the Corporation.

To propose to the members of the Corporation the members of the Membership Committee, and to be the chair and an ex officio member of the Membership Committee.

To be the chair and an ex officio member of the Executive Committee; as chair of the Executive Committee, the Chair shall work in close cooperation with the President to prepare the agenda for Executive Committee meetings, preside at Executive Committee meetings, and present matters on which Executive Committee action, concurrence, or advice may be necessary or appropriate.

To be an ex officio member of the Development Committee and the Development Committee Executive Board; and to be an ex officio director of the investment management company established under these Bylaws.

To appoint such ad hoc and special committees as may be required from time to time for special studies or actions that are not specifically delegated to other committees in these Bylaws, subject to the approval of the members of the Corporation, and to appoint from time to time ad hoc committees to review the governance principles, policies, and practices of the Corporation and its committees and to recommend changes to the Corporation.

To assume such other duties and to have such other powers as the Executive Committee may determine or as these Bylaws or law may require, from time to time.

Subject to Section 9.2 of these Bylaws, if for any reason any officer who is elected by the members of the Corporation is, in the opinion of the Chair of the Corporation, not available to serve or there is a vacancy in the office, the Chair of the Corporation shall convene the Executive Committee for the purpose of determining such officer's availability to serve and the appropriate course of action, including but not limited to the appointment of an interim officer under Section 7.7 of these Bylaws, who may be the Chair of the Corporation.


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The Bylaws of the MIT Corporation were most recently amended on December 7, 2012. They are available in an easy-print version (PDF). To view this file, you will need the Acrobat reader.


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