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Chairman of the Corporation

Prior to 1930, the President of the Institute acted as presiding officer of the Corporation. For various periods since then, the Corporation has chosen a presiding officer from among its members.

For more information about the history of MIT, please visit the Institute Archives.

Robert B. Millard Robert B. Millard ’73
Chairman, 2014-present
John S. Reed John S. Reed ’61
Chairman, 2010-2014
Dana G. Mead Dana G. Mead ’67
Chairman, 2003-2010
Alexander V. d'Arbeloff Alexander V. d'Arbeloff ’49
Chairman, 1997-2003
Paul Edward Gray Paul Edward Gray ’54
Chairman, 1990-1997
David Stephen Saxon David Stephen Saxon ’41
Chairman, 1983-1990
Howard Wesley Johnson Howard Wesley Johnson HM
Chairman, 1971-1983
James Rhyne Killian, Jr. James Rhyne Killian, Jr. ’26
Chairman, 1959-1971
Vannevar Bushn Vannevar Bush ’16
Chairman, 1957-1959
Karl Taylor Compton Karl Taylor Compton HM
Chairman, 1948-1954
Samuel Wesley Stratton Samuel Wesley Stratton HM
Chairman, 1930-1931


MIT Corporation elects new members (June 2016)

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