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Visiting Committees: Reports and Logistics

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Committees typically meet on campus every two years as determined by the department head, committee chair, senior administration, and the Corporation Office staff. Most committees convene for a one-and-one-half-day meeting. An important part of the first day of the meeting is a dinner with the visiting committee, MIT senior administration, and the faculty of the department, which provides opportunities for further discussion in a more informal setting. The meeting concludes on the afternoon of the second day in a final session with the senior administration.

Written Report

The committee chair has the responsibility for preparing a written report for submission to the Executive Committee of the Corporation. The committee chair may ask members to submit written input for the preparation of a draft report, or the chair may appoint certain members to draft portions of the report. The chair reviews and incorporates input from members, sends the report to the department head for review, and submits the final report to the Corporation Office.

The Corporation Office submits the final report to the Executive Committee for approval. Once approval is obtained, the final report is distributed to members of the Corporation for the next Corporation meeting; to the senior administration, the Academic Council, the visiting committee members, and the department head.

Oral Report

Once the written report is completed and approved by the Executive Committee, the visiting committee chair presents a brief oral report at the next Corporation meeting. This report typically focuses on one or two major issues of concern that can be addressed by the Corporation.

Corporation Office

The staff of the Corporation Office represents the Secretary of the Corporation in serving the needs of visiting committee members. The office is responsible for scheduling meetings; making logistical arrangements such as meal catering, hotel reservations, and local transportation arrangements; working with committee chairs and department heads on the development of the agenda and other meeting details; assisting committee chairs in the preparation of the written reports, and reimbursing members for travel expenses.

In addition, the Corporation Office coordinates annual membership changes of the 31 visiting committees.

Additional Information

Additional information about the MIT Corporation may be obtained by calling the Corporation Office at (617) 253-5614.

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Committee members who wish to be reimbursed for travel expenses should review the Corporation Office's Travel Reimbursement Policy before making arrangements
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