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Books and Reports

2009 : "Exploring the Double Bind," C&EN News page 37 Nov. 16, 2009

2007 : Karl Reid's Doctoral Thesis- " Black Gold: Understanding the Relationships Between Racial Identity, Self-Efficacy, Institutional Integration and Academic Achievement of Black Males in Research Universities ," Harvard Graduate School of Education, 2007. Dr. Reid is and Associate Dean the current director of the MIT Office of Minority Education.

2006 : Beyond Bias and Barriers: Fulfilling the Potential of Women in Academic Science and Engineering, Committee on Maximizing the Potential of Women in Academic Science and Engineering, National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, and Institute of Medicine.
Powerpoint Presentation by Lotte Bailyn.
Podcast. Direct Link to Podcast.

2006 : Faculty of Color : Teaching in Predominantly White Colleges and Universities by Christine A. Stanley, Editor.

2006 : Baron, A. S. and M. R. Banaji. "The Development of Implicit Attitudes: Evidence of Race Evaluations from Ages 6 and 10 and Adulthood." Psychological Science 17(1): 53-58. (External Link, Internal Link)

2006 : Rogers, M. R. and L. E. Molina. "Exemplary Efforts in Psychology to Recruit and Retain Graduate Students of Color." American Psychologist 61(2): 143-156. (External Link)

2006 : Vasquez, M. J. T. and J. M. Jones. "Increasing the Number of Psychologists of Color: Public Policy Issues for Affirmative Diversity." American Psychologist 61(2): 132-142. (External Link)

2005 : Clair, J. A., J. E. Beatty, et al. "Out of sight but not out of mind: Managing invisible social identities in the workplace." Academy of Management Review 30(1): 78-95. (External Link)

2005 : Heilman, M. E. and M. C. Haynes. "Combating Organizational Discrimination: Some Unintended Consequences." From Discrimination at Work: The Psychological and Organizational Bases. R. L. Dipboye and A. Colella (eds.). Mahwah, N.J., Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publishers: pages 353-378. (External Link)

2005 : Janssens, M. and P. Zanoni. "Many diversities for many services: Theorizing diversity (management) in service companies." Human Relations 58(3): 311-340. (External Link)

2005 : Li, J. T. and D. C. Hambrick. "Factional groups: A new vantage on demographic faultlines, conflict, and disintegration in work teams." Academy of Management Journal 48(5): 794-813. (External Link)

2005 : Spataro, S. E. "Diversity in context: How organizational culture shapes reactions to workers with disabilities and others who are demographically different." Behavioral Sciences & the Law 23(1): 21-38. (External Link)

2004 : Standing Our Ground: A Guidebook for STEM Educators in the Post-Michigan Era: (AAAS report) A year after the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed the value of diverse learning environments but struck down formulaic or points-based approaches to undergraduate admissions, AAAS issued this report to clarify legally defensible options for protecting diversity in science and engineering programs. Direct Link Podcast.

2004 : “Reflections on America’s Academic Achievement Gap: A 50-Year Perspective” Freeman A. Hrabowski, III President, University of Maryland, Baltimore County The 2004 W. Augustus Low Lecture Wednesday, May 5, 2004

2004 : "Increasing the Number of African American PhDs in the Sciences and Engineering- A Strengths-Based Approach" Kenneth I. Maton and Freeman A. Hrabowski, III American Psychologist 59, 6, 547-556.

2004 : Bertrand, M. and S. Mullainathan. "Are Emily and Greg more employable than Lakisha and Jamal? A field experiment on labor market discrimination." American Economic Review 94(4): 991-1013. (External Link, Internal Link)

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2004 : Ely, R. J. "A field study of group diversity, participation in diversity education programs, and performance." Journal of Organizational Behavior 25(6): 755-780. (External Link, Internal Link)

2004 : Foldy, E. G. "Learning from diversity: A theoretical exploration." Public Administration Review 64(5): 529-538. (External Link)

2004 : Hobman, E. V., P. Bordia, et al. "Perceived dissimilarity and work group involvement - The moderating effects of group openness to diversity." Group & Organization Management 29(5): 560-587. (External Link)

2004 : Jackson, S. E. and A. Joshi. "Diversity in social context: a multi-attribute, multilevel analysis of team diversity and sales performance." Journal of Organizational Behavior 25(6): 675-702. (External Link, Internal Link)

2004 : Jayne, M. E. A. and R. L. Dipboye. "Leveraging diversity to improve business performance: Research findings and recommendations for organizations." Human Resource Management 43(4): 409-424. (External Link, Internal Link)

2004 : Kidder, D. L., M. J. Lankau, et al. "Backlash toward diversity initiatives: Examining the impact of diversity program justification, personal and group outcomes." International Journal of Conflict Management 15(1): 77-102. (External Link)

2004 : Swann, W. B., J. T. Polzer, et al. "Finding value in diversity: Verification of personal and social selfviews in diverse groups." Academy of Management Review 29(1): 9-27. (External Link, Internal Link)

2004 : van Knippenberg, D., C. K. W. De Dreu, et al. "Work group diversity and group performance: An integrative model and research agenda." Journal of Applied Psychology 89(6): 1008-1022. (External Link)

2004 : Wooten, L. P. and E. H. James (2004). "When firms fail to learn - The perpetuation of discrimination in the workplace." Journal of Management Inquiry 13(1): 23-33. (External Link)

2003: The Effects of Diversity on Business Performance: Report of the Diversity Research Network, Thomas Kochan, Katerina Bezrukova, Robin Ely, Susan Jackson, Aparna Joshi, Karen, Jehn, Jonathon Leonard, David Levine, David Thomas, 42, 1, 3-21, Human Resource Management

2003 : Technology and the Dream: Reflections on the Black Experience at MIT, 1941-1999 (Paperback) by Clarence G. Williams.

2003 : The Long Road to Race Blindness by Thomas J. Kane Science Vol 32, October 24.

2003 : College Board Seminars on the Implications of the U.S. Supreme Court Decisions in the University of Michigan Admissions Cases. Summer 2003.

2003 : Minorities, Women Gain Professionally : December 30, 2003 edition of The Washington Post.

2003 : 10 Questions College Officials Should Ask About Diversity by Robert Shireman, The Chronicle of Higher Education, August 15, 2003. [Subscription Required]

2003 : Are Landmark Court Decisions All That Important? by Michael Klarman, The Chronicle of Higher Education, August 8, 2003. [Subscription Required]

2003 : Closing the Nagging Gap in Minority Achievement by Derek Bok, The Chronicle of Higher Education, October 24, 2003. [Subscription Required]

2003 : Affirmative Action and the Future of U.S. Higher Education: A Collection of Remarks, Delivered at the NACME-GEM Conference, May 29, 2003, Houston, Texas, Edited by Daryl E. Chubin

2003 : Jackson, S. E., A. Joshi, et al. "Recent research on team and organizational diversity: SWOT analysis and implications." Journal of Management 29(6): 801-830. (External Link, Internal Link)

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2003 : Linnehan, F., A. M. Konrad, et al. "Behavioral goals for a diverse organization: The effects of attitudes, social norms, and racial identity for Asian Americans and Whites." Journal of Applied Social Psychology 33(7): 1331-1359. (External Link)

2003 : Rau, B. L. and M. M. Hyland. "Corporate teamwork and diversity statements in college recruitment brochures: Effects on attraction." Journal of Applied Social Psychology 33(12): 2465-2492. (External Link)

2002 : Polzer, J. T., L. P. Milton, et al. "Capitalizing on diversity: Interpersonal congruence in small work groups." Administrative Science Quarterly 47(2): 296-324. (External Link, Internal Link)

2001 : Debating the Benefits of Affirmative Action by Peter Schmidt. The Chronicle of Higher Education, May 18, 2001. [ Subscription required].

2001 : In Pursuit of a Diverse Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Workforce: Recommeded Research Priorities to Enhance Participation by Underrepresented Minorities. Produced by Yolanda S. George, David S. Neale, Virginia Van Horne, & Shirley Malcolm. Washington DC: AAAS, 2001.

2001 : Ely, R. J. and D. A. Thomas. "Cultural diversity at work: The effects of diversity perspectives on work group processes and outcomes." Administrative Science Quarterly 46(2): 229-273. (External Link, Internal Link)

2000: Faculty of Color in Academe : Bittersweet Success by Caroline Sotello Viernes Turner and Samuel L. Myers, Jr.

2000: Access Denied : Race, Ethnicity, and the Scientific Enterprise by George Campbell, Jr., Ronnie Denes, Catherine Morrison.

2000 : Maruyma, G., & Moreno, J. University faculty views about the value of diversity on campus and in the classroom: American Council on Education. American Association of University Professors.

1999 : A Study of the Status of Women Faculty in Science at MIT- How a Committee on Women Faculty came to be established by the Dean of the School of Science, what the Committee and the Dean learned and accomplished, and recommendations for the future

1999 : Breaking Through: The Making of Minority Executives in Corporate America by David A. Thomas and John J. Gabarro

1999 : Jehn, K. A., G. B. Northcraft, et al. "Why differences make a difference: A field study of diversity, conflict, and performance in workgroups." Administrative Science Quarterly 44: 741-763. (External Link, Internal Link)

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1996 : Fried, L. P., C. A. Francomano, et al. "Career development for women in academic medicine: Multiple interventions in a department of medicine." Journal of the American Medical Association, 276(11): 898-905. (External Link)

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1990 : Krieger, N. "On becoming a public health professional: reflections on democracy, leadership, and accountability." J Public Health Policy 11(4): 412-419. (External Link, Internal Link)

1976 : “The Double Bind: The Price of Being a Minority Woman in Science,” American Association for the Advancedment of Science Report No. 76-R-3, April 1976.


Journal of Blacks in Higher Education

Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering

Weblinks :

Research on Implicit Bias : Brian Nosek Department of Psychology, University of Virginia; Washington Post Magazine article January 23, 2005: The Bias Test, by Shankar Vedantam

Frank Dobbin, Professor of Sociology, Harvard University
Best Practices or Best Guesses: Which Corporate Diversity Programs Work? (Powerpoint) : Presented at the workshop on Excellence Empowered by a Diverse Academic Workforce: Achieving Racial & Ethnic Equity in Chemistry sponsored by NSF/DoE/NIH in Arlington, Virginia September 24 26, 2007.
Best Practices or Best Guesses :Assessing the Efficacy of Corporate Affirmative Action and Diversity Policies (PDF), Alexandra Kalev, Frank Dobbin, Erin Kelly, American Sociological Review, 2006 71 (August:589-617)
Enforcement of Civil Rights Law in Private Workplaces: The Effects of Compliance Reviews and Lawsuits Over Time (PDF)
, Alexandra Kalev and Frank Dobbin American Bar Foundation, 31, 4, 855-903, 2006.

Promoting Diversity: Access and Engagement in Biomedical and Behavioral Science Research Preparation (Link) Sylvia Hurtado, UCLA

Donna Nelson : Associate Professor of Chemistry, University of Oklahoma, Diversity Link

Shirley Malcolm ; Head of the Directorate for Education and Human Resources Programs of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).The Effect of Changing Policy Climate on Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Diversity edited by Shirley M. Malcom, Yolanda S. George, Virginia V. Van Horn. Washington DC, AAAS.

Daryl Smith : Professor of Education and Psychology at the Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, California.

Stacy Blake-Beard : Mentoring Minority Faculty

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