· Victor K. LaMer Award sponsored by the Colloid and Surface Chemistry Division of the American Chemical Society for graduate research in colloid and surface chemistry $2500 PRIZE [DEADLINE NOVEMBER 30th].

· ICI STUDENT AWARD IN APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE sponsored by the Polymer Education Committee in the Division of Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering of the American Chemical Society for graduate research $750 PRIZE [DEADLINE March 1st].

· Gold and Silver Graduate Student Awards sponsored by the Materials Research Society for graduate research $400 and $200 PRIZE [DEADLINE 90 DAYS BEFORE MRS MEETING, January 12th].

· Student Research Achievement Award for best poster presentation sponsored by the Biophysical Society $300 PRIZE [DEADLINE October 1st].

· The Lemelson-MIT Student Prize for Inventiveness $30,000 PRIZE.

· MIT PPST Omnova Signature Award for Excellence in Polymer Science $4500 prize DEADLINE End of February.

· Harold M. Weintraub Graduate Student Award to recognize outstanding achievement during graduate studies in the biological sciences. DEADLINE December 15th.

· Biomedical Engineering Society Graduate and Undergraduate Student Awards DEADLINE May 15th.

· MIT 50K Entrepreneurship Competitions