11/01 : Christine Ortiz Gives Annual DMSE John Wulff Undergraduate Lecture
· Christine Ortiz gave the annual DMSE John Wulff Undergraduate Lecture entitled, "Biomaterials Feel the Force : Nanomechanics, Single Macromolecules, and Unlocking the Mysteries of Biocompatibility," open to the entire MIT community. See the flier here.

04/01 : Joonil Seog Wins ACS Poster Presentation Prize
· Joonil Seog, Ortiz group graduate Student wins April 2001 AMERICAL CHEMICAL SOCIETY POSTER PRESENTATION PRIZE : "Modeling and Measurement of Glycosaminoglycan Electrostatic Interactions," Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry, Symposium on Inter and Intramolecular Forces in Biological Systems (San Diego, CA USA).

01/01 : Christine Ortiz Gives 4 Talks in Europe
· Christine Ortiz Recently gave 4 research presentations at :
-The Department of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, Oxford University, in the Soft Matter, Biomaterials, And Interfaces Seminar Series (Oxford, UK).
-Oberflächentechnik, Laboratory for Surface Science and Technology, Eidenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETH), Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Zurich, Switzerland)
-Firmenich, Inc. (Geneva, Switzerland).
-Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Cambridge University (Cambridge, UK).