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10.28/10.28L Chemical - Biological Engineering


Pre-requisites: 5.310 or 7.02; 7.05 or 5.07 or Permission of Instructor

For enrollment in the course (10.28, Fall, or 10.28L, IAP-spring), preference will be given to students who have satisfied the pre-requisites, in the following order:

  1. TOP-PRIORITY: Students who pre-register in May (the May pre-registration list will be used for both 10.28 and 10.28L, and there won’t be any separate pre-registration list for 10.28L, later on)
  2. LOWER PRIORITY: Students who pre-register from June 1 to Reg Day, or register on Reg Day

For each group of students, shown above, the class will be filled following this algorithm:

  • Course 10/10B/10C seniors (highest priority)
  • Course 10/10B/10C juniors
  • Course 7A seniors
  • Course 7A juniors
  • Seniors from other majors, than above
  • Juniors from other majors, than above
  • Other students

How to pre-register for 10.28 and 10.28L: Whether or not you prefer to take 10.28 (fall) or 10.28L (IAP-spring), you must pre-register in May. There is no separate 10.28L pre-registration process, nor will there be one later. The current 10.28 pre-registration list will be used to enroll the students in 10.28 or 10.28L (see how the assignment between 10.28 and 10.28L is made, below).

Early June, the pre-registered students will be asked for their preference on which section (Tuesday/Thursday or Wednesday/Friday) they can take in 10.28 (fall term). The decision of offering 10.28L is made over the summer, based on the size of the pre-registration list. In 2007, one section of 10.28L was created, and the students completed the entirety of their experimental work in the latter part of IAP, over 2 weeks; in the spring term, the 10.28L students carry out the writing assignment and the team project.


Last Updated: May 23, 2007