Massachusetts Institute of Technology

14.45: Financial Economics

Spring 2006

This course is a self contained introduction to the theory of investment decisions under uncertainty. Topics include interest rates, net present value, fixed income securities, the term structure of interest rates, portfolio separation theorems, CAPM, factor models, risk neutral pricing, valuation of options and intertemporal consumption and investment models. We will discuss both theoretical results and empirical tests of theoretical concepts.


Lecture:       MW 10:30-12                   E51-390                              Recitation:                         F 11-12         E51-390

Professor Victor Chernozhukov                                                       TA: Arturo Ramírez Verdugo                                                                              

Office Hours: Walk-in or by appointment E52-371B                             Office Hours:                       Th 6-7            E52-262A


The web page for this course is now at Stellar:


You need MIT certificates to access some of the material.