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15.312 Managerial Decision Making

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This course is about understanding and improving the decision making processes of managers and other professionals. We examine how decision makers think about difficult problems and characterize the limitations of human decision making ability. By understanding how decisions are made, we can provide guidelines and techniques for overcoming limitations and improving the quality of decision making. Some of these more structured decision aids involve mathematical models or computer software; others involve increased awareness and thoughtfulness. The goal of this course is to provide insights and tools that will enable you to support and improve your own decision making and to understand the decision making of others.

The course content is both conceptual and managerial: we will read and talk about ideas and research as well as practical situations and applications. Lectures and readings will review substantive material. Experiential exercises and case discussions will help generate involvement and appreciation for the complexities of application. A team project will focus on understanding and analyzing actual decisions in real companies.


Professor John S. Carroll
Office: E52-563
Tel: 617-253-2617

Course Assistant

Jamilah Allen
Office: E52-580
Tel: 617-253-6679

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