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15.318 Leadership and Change in Organizations

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The aim of this course is to give you a theoretical and practical understanding of leadership.Leadership is seen as more than having a particular style, being charismatic, or giving orders.In modern, global organizations that rely more on the flow of information, flatter structures, and knowledge workers, leadership also involves creating and institutionalizing organizational change, acting with integrity and developing relationships.It is not only about the individual but also about getting others to take action and solve complex problems.

The course is based on the 3Cís model of Leadership: catalyzing action, contingent on context, and change signature.Catalyzing action includes six steps: discovering the organization, developing relationships, building momentum, creating a vision, innovation and change, and refining and learning.How you go through the steps depends upon the context and who you are as an individual.The course should enable you to increase your knowledge and skills related to catalyzing action.

This course will cover leadership theory, leadership skills, and self-reflection.The course proceeds from a point of view.Learning of these materials will only be internalized and used if students increase their own personal awareness of who they are, including personal history, personality type, and core assumptions and values.Through cases, experiential exercises, role plays, videos, and self-assessment exercises, this course will try to further your ability to understand yourself and to exercise leadership.


Professor Deborah G. Ancona
Office: E52-582
Tel: 617-253-056

Course Assistant

Jamillah Allen
Office: E52-580
Tel: 617-253-6679

Teaching Assistants

Charlotte Smith

Carrie Zeise

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