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General Structure of Entry

A CBE reference entry has four basic elements: author; title; publication information; and page numbers. End each element with a period, and do not use periods to indicate abbreviations.

  1. Author or authors: List all authors by last name, followed by a space and capitalized initials without any spacing or punctuation. End the author section with a period. If there is more than one author, place a comma after the name of each author except for the final author. The name of the final author should not be preceded by and or an ampersand (&). List the first ten authors of any work. If the work has more than ten authors, list the first ten followed by the phrase "and others."
  2. Titles: Only the first word, proper nouns, proper adjectives, and capitalized abbreviations (such as HIV) of article and book titles are capitalized. However, capitalize all principal words of a journal title. Do not underline or italicize any titles.
  3. Publication information--date format: Always include the year and, in some case, the month and day as part of the publication information. If you have a choice, give dates in the format year, month (abbreviate all months except May), and day (in arabic numerals) without any commas (for example, 1991 Sep 7). In Europe, Canada, and the U.S. military, a day-month-year sequence may be preferred (for example, 7 Sep 1991).
  4. Page numbers: Give the range of page numbers in as few digits as possible without creating any possible ambiguity (1263-7, but 98-203). Indicate the range of page numbers by the single character p without a period. Indicate the total number of pages of a book or a section of a book by the character p.

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