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Welcome to the MAFxc african-cinema-conference conference!

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Info on african-cinema-conference [Last updated on: Mon Feb 12 18:55:45 1996]
This conference is for the discussion of AFRICAN CINEMA. It is a moderated
conference (so you'll not get unnecessary junk email), and will have about
100 members to start with. This original list is people that have agreed to
receive "email press releases" from DSR over 1994/5. Using a
conference/listserver is more efficient to get the news out.

Items to be sent out to subscribers will include all sorts of information on
African cinema, including press releases about new books and articles, films
and videos and other resources available, or about news, events, information
and opinions relating to African cinema.

We encourage all members to send in bits of information to be posted to all.
Also we encourage all members to ask questions to the group of information
they need, and to introduce themselves to the group with a couple paragraphs
about what they are doing that relates to African cinema.

Your moderator, Steve Smith (

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