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You can purchase Hyenas from California Newsreel in San Francisco.
ken h>
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> Regarding "Hyenas"
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> Never having seen the film myself, or having lived in Senegal, but
> having lived in Malawi. At best the Senegalese general public will have
> had access to "Hollywood." Which means they have seen "Out of Africa",
> "King Solomon's Mines" and other deft interpretations of African
> reality.
> You are probably one of the few that will ever see this film. It is
> therefore important to project the implications of this fact in any
> discussions that you have. You may not be right, but at least you will
> have opened the topic for discussion. Like you have here.
> I sure would like to see this film. Any idea how I might get hold of a
> copy?
> Thanx
> Tom
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