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California Newsreel's Library of African Cinema has just signed a
contract with Cheick Oumar Sissoko for the distribution of GUIMBA. The
35mm and 16mm theatrical distribution will be handled by Kino
International, 333 West 39th Street, New York NY 10018 212-629-6880.
California Newsreel itself will handle all video distribution.
Sub-titled prints and videocassettes are in the process of preparation;
I would expect them to be done within about 30 days. Video distribution
will begin in the Fall.
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With regard to Djibril Diop Mambety's HYENAS, it is presently
available for theatrical use from Kino and on videocassette from
California Newsreel. Mambety's LE FRANC is now available on both 35mm
film and on videocassette exclusively from California Newsreel. In
videocassette format, it comes on a single cassette, "Three Tales from
Senegal" which also includes Mansour Sora Wade's PICC MI and FARY

With regard to Bassek ba Kobhio's LE GRAND BLANC DE LAMBARENE,
California Newsreel's Library of African Cinema will not be carrying
this title. I do not believe it presently has a U.S. distributor.

A complete Library of African Cinema catalog is available, simply
e-mail us your postal address for a copy. Interested list subscribers
can browse the web site below. Thanks

Cornelius Moore
California Newsreel
149 Ninth Street/Suite 420
San Francisco, CA 94103
phone: 415.621.6196
FAX: 415.621.6522
web address: http:/

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