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"Perspectives on Violence" video available from DSR, Inc

Violence has become a word synonymous with South Africa. In the home, in
the streets, on trains and in the workplace, many are assaulted, raped or
mentally abused. These experiences have lead to feelings of fear, sadness,
helplessness and anxiety.

"Perspectives on Violence" takes you through five different scenes of
violence - Political Violence, Family Violence, Violence against Women, Gang
Violence and Violence in Schools. Each section starts off with a scenario
in which a group of Alexandra youth act out a fairly typical scene of
violence. After the act, a group of youth speak from their hearts and from
their own experiences, their feelings, ideas, responses and opinion on what
they have just witnessed.

Answers are not given but the video offers an arena for debate and
discussion. It will reconfirm many of the myths about violence and show
insight on how it could be reduced.

Available worldwide except South Africa and the SADCC countries in English,
VHS PAL (US$59/$79) - 90 minute documentary, comes with 48 page booklet
Produced by Bailey and Associates for The Centre for the Study of Violence
and Reconciliation, South Africa
Distributed by DSR, Inc
9111 Guilford Road
Columbia, MD 21046 USA
Phone: 301-490-3500
Fax: 301-490-4146

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