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I've just returned from Kenya and would like to let everyone know about the
availability of a Christian VHS PAL video on AIDS produced in Kenya by MAP
International with the Creative Edge. It is 27 minutes long and comes with
a Discussion Guide and Facts on AIDS inserts.

Here is the promotional text from the flyer on the video:

"Springs of Life" challenges the church to take up the powerful role of AIDS
prevention and care in Africa. The AIDS challenge is the church's
challenge. The hands of the church must bring Jesus ... living water to a
thirsty world.

"'Springs of Life' uses powerful, fervent language. It is a video rich in
challenges. "
-- Mutave Musyimi, General Secretary, National Council of Churches of Kenya

"A demonstration of faith, tolerance, and love."
-- Evariste Munyabarame, United Bible Societies, Africa Region

" This video is a positive step toward creating awareness of what the church
in Africa and elsewhere should do."
-- Dr Titus M Kivunzi, Principal, Scott Theological College, Kenya

Price is US $12 or the Kenya Shillings equivalent. Contact MAP
International, PO Box 21663, Nairobi, Kenya tel: 254 2 569513/727586; fax:
254 2 714422. Tell them that you heard about it from DSR. If anyone in the
USA would like to preview it, they could borrow my video - contact Steve
Smith at

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