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Fri, 22 Mar 1996 10:34:00 -0400 (GMT-0400)

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Originally dated: Fri, 22 Mar 1996 10:34:00 -0400 (GMT-0400)

Hello, as someone who saw her first movies at the 20 Century Fox in
Nairobi (my parents office is right next door) i was interested in your
response. There are plenty of African films that Kenyan audiences would
find enjoyable. When "Love Brewed in the African Pot" first played in
Nairobi it was one of the first African movies that was shown on the big
screens. The film was sold out for months.

For example, I could see an audience for "Camp of Thiaroye," given the
similarities between the historical circumstances of the Senegalese
soldiers and the Carrier Corps in East Africa. The "The Blue Eyes of
Yonta" speaks volumes on urban aspirations, "Sambizanga" reflection on the
struggle for independence and for themes that many African audiences will
be interested to see developed, definitely "Sankofa."

I would be interested in knowing what kind of African films Anil Kapila
thinks his audiences are interested in seeing.

Muhonjia Khaminwa

On Thu, 21 Mar 1996, Steve Smith wrote:

> Originally from: SteveSmith@XC.Org (Steve Smith)
> Originally dated: Thu, 21 Mar 1996 13:41:38 -0500
> Does anyone know who has the theatrical rights to the South African film
> Zulu On My Stoep" ? I met recently with the head of the 20th Century Fox
> theaters in Nairobi and he asked if I knew how he could get that film to
> show.
> =========
> FYI. The theatrical market has improved markedly in Kenya. Fox Theaters
> were showing "Apollo 13" when I was there. They have been able to
> renegotiate a deal with UIP in London and are again getting Hollywood
> pictures. Audiences are coming back to theaters, and they are even
> maybe of opening a new theater.
> When I first met Anil Kapila (head of Fox and a great fellow) a couple
> ago, he told of the Kenyan theatrical industry dying as they couldn't get
> good films and the theaters were not being well maintained and audience
> levels dropping - a classic negative spiral. Most of it was due to
> irregularities being carried out by the parastatal Kenya Film Corporation.
> I know the KFC well, as they swindled us out of any payment for "Neria"
> theatrical showings - after two years we were lucky to get the beat up
> print back and about $300 - enough to pay our lawyer. After the first
> of showings they owed us $1,000, but it never came. Anyhow, KFC is in
> liquidation now.
> Fox is open to playing African product, but it is hard to find product
> their audiences will like. They have shown "Neria" (albeit it was second
> hand after KFC had it for 2 years), "JIT" a comedy that did fair, and
> Time" that did really well.

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