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I met with several of the producers of Reuters' "Africa Journal" in Nairobi
recently. They asked me to see if I could help market the show in the USA,
etc. I think it makes a valuable contribution to the Africa's and the
world's view of Africa, and agreed to do what I could with no fee or
commission, etc. I would like to ask members of the African cinema
conference if you know of any TV stations that might be interested, or if
you've seen the program and have any feedback on it. I have a PAL master of

a recent episode and hopefully soon will also have an NTSC master and can
cover dubbing to preview VHS or UMatic copies that I could send out (with
Reuters' permission).

Reuters Television has produced about 63 episodes of a 30 minute program
consisting of 5-6 feature stories from around Africa. Rather than following

the standard news agenda, they try to focus on the strengths as much as the
weaknesses of the continent, presenting a different view of Africa. They
cover politics, economics, social issues, culture and the natural world.

The material is shot by crews operating out of Nairobi, the numerous Reuters

bureaux and sometimes freelancers. The program is available by cassette or
via satellite. It is currently sold to television stations including South
Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Ethiopia and seen on Ethiopian

I would appreciate any feedback or help in getting it out to more television

stations. Please contact me or Helen Palmer, Producer at Reuters/Nairobi at

fax: 254 2 338860.

Steve Smith

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