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>None of which, unfortunately, has ANYTHING to do with African cinema (my
>apologies!). But I hope at least to have provided some insight into
>American TV for those on this conference site unfamiliar with it, and at
>best to have opened up the possibility that our conception of words like
>"authenticity" and "tradition" can operate on more subtle and
>multi-valent levels than their usage in this discussion has previously

Hi Marc

Thanks for your comments on Sanford & Son. Have you seen/heard of the sitcom
in South Africa about a black family who lives next door to a white family?
certainly remember someone talking about it in the VISCOM conference. It is
quite popular.

Have you also seen Prof Keyan Tomaselli's article in CRITICAL ARTS
It In: Films in 'Black' or 'White' - Reassessing Authorship" ? It talks
the issue of whether a white film director is able to make a film reflecting
a black experience. Tomaselli is the director of the Centre for Cultural &
Media Studies at the University of Natal.

BTW, I recommend all interested in African cinema to get all the back issues
to this journal. It is a great resource. I think all the back issues (7
volumes) with postage to the states would cost under $150! The regular
subscription is $50-60 per year. Let me know if you want the email & snail

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