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I'm Mitch Teplitsky, marketing director for the Film Society of Lincoln
Center. The Film Society programs world cinema festivals at the Walter Reade
Theater --including the 3rd New York African Film Festival, which opens
for a two week run (April 12-25), then continues at the Brooklyn Museum
(April 26-June 2).

Coincidentally, I just found out about and subscribed to this mail list
which is why I'm posting this message only today.

The festival is organized by the Film Society (Richard Pena, program
director), the Brooklyn Museum (curator Mark Gore) and African Film
Inc. (director Mahen Bonetti). It features 20 new or recent films from
throughout the continent. Many of the directors will be present to discuss
their work, and panel discussions on African Cinema will be held throughout
the city.

For complete schedule and film descriptions, check out the festival web site

Or you may call the Walter Reade Theater at (212) 875-5600 and/or the
Brooklyn Museum at (718) 638-5000 x 372 or 374 for schedule/ticket info at
each respective venue.

I would also be happy to post the schedule of screenings and events directly
to this list, if that's desired and appropriate.

Thanks much

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