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I'd like to share with all a list of African cinema magazines and ask for
information on any others that exist, or additional comments on these.
There is so few, but they are a lifeline to information. Some of these are

more African cinema related that the others, but it is ALL I've found that
are even somewhat related.

If you know of more magazines, or more information about these please send a

note to the conference. I'd like to compile a full listing of all magazines


1. "Africa Film & TV" published by Z Promotions Pvt Ltd, PO Box 6109,
Harare, Zimbabwe, tel: 263 4 726795/726972, fax 263 4 726796, email -- and they have a European office at 10 Jewry
Street, Winchester, Hants, SO23 8RZ, UK, tel: 44 (0)962 861518, fax 44
(0)962 863516, email: OR on the WWW at
I've subscribed to this one for years and always found it informative
and useful. It has a fairly broad African focus, but as a Zimbabwean
magazine tends to focus there a bit.

2. "Film and Video" published by the Nigerian Film Corporation, 218T
Liberty Dam Road, PO Box 693, Jos, Nigeria, tel: 073 56455, 56444, 53519,
55444, fax: 58233.
This magazine has a Nigerian focus and after a short suspension has
just gone back into print with an issue on film financing. It is the best
regular information I've seen on the Nigerian scene....

3. "Screen Africa" published by Sun Circle Publishers (Pty) Ltd, 29 Linden
Road, Strathavon, Sandton, PO Box 706, Strathavon 2031, South Africa, tel:
27 11 884 3162, fax: 27 11 883 9281 -- OR their UK office: c/o Alan Jay,
4th floor 19 Newman Street, London WIP 3HB, UK, tel: 44 (0)171 636 2605,
fax 44 (0)171 636 2604
This fine slick magazine focuses on South African film and TV issues.
If you want to know what is going on in the "powerhouse" of Africa, it
seems the place to find out.

4. "Ecrans d'Afrique" ("African Screen"), COE - Communicazione, via
Lazzaroni 8 - 20124 - Milan - Italy, tel: 39 2 66 71 20 77 / 66 96 258, fax:

39 2 66 71 43 38
This is in both French and English, and tends to focus on West African
and francophone African films. It is a FEPACI publication.

5. "Take Two" published by the National Black Programming Consortium, 929
Harrison Avenue, Suite 101, Columbus, Ohio 43215, USA, tel: 1 614 299 5355,
fax: 1 614 299 4761, email, internet:
I'm not sure how much longer this magazine will be published with the
cut backs in the funding from the US government. It tends to be more
African-American film oriented than strictly African, but a useful magazine.

6. "Zebra News" Published by ZEBRA Information Office Elmegade 5, 1,
DK-2200 Kobenhavn N, Danmark, tel: 45 35 36 40 70, fax: 45 35 36 02 15,
Zebra is a audio-visual network for North-South understanding. It has
bits on African cinema, but no focus on Africa, but some useful articles.

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