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Fri, 19 Apr 1996 18:01:08 -0400

Originally from: (Steve Smith)
Originally dated: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 18:01:08 -0400

I though all might be interested in the following announcement I just got
from Isaac Mabhikwa in Harare. I'm hoping to go myself. It sound like a
good festival. It is the second SAFF.
regards, Steve Smith
The next SAFF will be held in Harare from Friday 20th to 27th September
1996. The following is the intended programme:

COMPETITION: This section is for films from East and Southern Africa only.

It will include feature films, documentaries and shorts.

SHOWCASE: This section will comprise of films from the rest of the
continent. This time we intend to screen the last seven winners of the
"Etalon de Yennenga" of FESPACO.

INPUT: This is a closed workshop intended for film makers, programme
producers and television buyers with the aim of improving programme quality
for public television. This workshop will be held for three days from Monday

16th to Wednesday 18th, September 1996, with an allowance of a day in
between so that we can move over to the beginning of the main festival

WORKSHOPS: Our festival is developmental by design, we hope to hold
discussions on how best we can move ahead with the development of an African

cinema that can be self-sustaining and commercial. We would like to reflect
on the resolutions and communiques of the past and see if they have been

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