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Press release giving new dates and background information:

APRIL 22, 1996


The first Southern African International Film and Television Market
which was scheduled to be held from 9 - 15 June, 1996 in Cape Town has
been postponed to 13 - 17 November, 1996.

The decision to move the market back a few months was taken by the
Board of the Southern African Film & Television Market Initiative
(Section 21 Company - Association Not For Gain), based on the fact
that the Market has grown far larger than anticipated with numerous
ongoing enquiries from all over the world and, therefore, more
fundraising and time, is essential to host this international event
effectively. Other reasons include the fact that many international
visitors are more in favour of a summer Market, given that many have
location scouting on their agenda,

An official Film & TV Market office, by kind donation from the SABC,
is now established and fully functional. Operational officers for this
Market appointed by the Board include Gaby Keyser (Managing Director),
Dezi Rorich (Market Director), Basetsana Thokoane (Director,
Fundraising) and Carmel Adonis (Market Administrator). Chairperson of
the Board is Richard Ishmail.

Given the explosive growth of film and television production in
Southern Africa, and the increasing global interest in this region, it
is now essential to host a formal Market which will - under one roof -
introduce a new world of filmmaking in what is rapidly becoming one of
the most sought after production centres in the world.

A priority is to open up dialogue not only internationally, but also
with neighbouring territories in Africa, provide education and
training through interaction and workshops with global film community,
and develop new and young talent in the region. This international
meeting platform will be an opportunity to:

* introduce foreign filmmakers and television to the unique
character and culture of this region.
* discover opportunities in one of the greatest film locations in the
* meet and trade with the Southern African business media, and
find out about the commercial potential of this industry
* gain information about locations, professional crews, talent,
sophisticated production and post-production facilities and
equipment, and other support services in the Southern African
entertainment industry
* meet co-producing partners and exchange ideas with colleagues
* exhibit product
* view unseen product from the African continent
* learn about the changing face of the broadcasting industry
* meet an emerging generation of filmmakers and discover their
cultural expression

The Programme of the Market includes

(The Business of Film)
* Seminars covering Legal, Finance and Insurance topics
* South Africa's 2nd International Media Exchange brought to the
Market by Katrina Wood of the MediaXchange. A group of senior film and
television professionals will discuss the mutual benefits of
co-production and joint ventures with South Africa. * A Co-Production
Market to provide contact between film and television makers and
financiers, both for ideas in developing and finished product.
Sessions will be held each morning addressed by the visiting
specialists concerning script development, financing and production,
marketing and distribution, and secondary markets.

(Training and Education) featuring
* An informative perspective on global changes and trends, and
interactive technologies, and through an Advisory process Writers and
Directors can workshop with professionals

* Features, Documentaries, TV Product, this Buyers and Sellers market
invites product for exhibition or representation. Screening facilities
available on 35mm, 16mm and Video.

(Shorts Showcase)
* An opportunity for first time Southern African filmmakers to exhibit
their films.

(African Focus)
* This program will exhibit completed product from the African
continent - which can proudly boast some internationally competitive
motion pictures. South African distributors FRU (Film Resource Unit)
will premiere African feature films. A range of titles will be
available for distribution.

(Southern African Locations Expo)

* Will provide a guide to filming in numerous African countries.
Community and Local Government liaison services are invited to
participate. This Expo aims to be a helpful and informative guide for
all on-location needs and production planning in these spectacular,
diverse and hospitable regions.

The Market will also see the Inauguration of a new Southern African
Script Fund, and the launch of the South African chapter of the
international association, Women In Film

Marketing of the Market kicked off at the A.F.M. (American Film
Market) where the response was extremely positive and key
organisations pledged their support and involvement. The international
Trades were all extremely interested in exhibiting for the first time
in Southern Africa. The Market was also introduced at Screen Africa
stand on the international Television Show in London, which so far has
seen the greatest response from top calibre broadcasters, and film and
television producers. Marketing continues at the current MIP
Television Market in Cannes.

Invitations are currently being issued to global film and television
makers, distributors and producers, as well as representatives of
international Film Commissions, Institutions and Industry Affiliates.
Within the Southern African industry enormous excitement exists for
its first international Market, and expectations are high

For Further Information Contact

Film and TV Market Initiative
Tel (27-11) 714-3229/714-3215 Fax (27-11) 714-3275
Motion Picture Marketing International
Tel (27-11) 442 4790 Fax (27-11) 447 2111

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