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Marja-Riitta Maasilta <> asks (9 May 1996) about distributors
of African Film. Our directory lists dozens of these in South Africa,
Zimbabwe, UK, France, USA, Kenya, Netherlands, etc.

Video distributors in English language.
*The FRU in South Africa is dubbing 13 West Africa Cinema Classics into
English for distribution on video. Contact Micheal Dearham, FRU,
+27-11-8384280/1/2, fax +27-11-8384451.
*MFD in Zimbabwe has 400 videos in its library. +263-4-733364/5, fax 729066
*In the UK: The Africa Video Centre, +44-171-9234224, fax 2750112 has
videos for rent and sale.

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