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About: No distribution award at FESPACO for now

Fri, 31 May 1996 11:33:53 -0400

Originally from: (Steve Smith)
Originally dated: Fri, 31 May 1996 11:33:53 -0400

Dear friends:

Thanks for the debate and information on our idea for an award at the next
FESPACO for the best distributor. We (DSR) have decided not to jump into
offering an award at this time. We have decided this for many reasons.
Mainly we feel that it would be expensive and a lot of work, and the
likelihood of it not making much of a contribution to increased distribution

is large. We feel that we'd like to have a co-sponsor agency - perhaps a
large donor, or a major African film-related agency. At this time we will
keep it on the back burner and discuss it with people at the FESPACO in
early 1997.

We are but one small insignificant voice that is based outside Africa.
Maybe we can help orchestrate a debate on the value of increased
distribution, but it is not for us to take a leadership position.

Steve Smith
DSR, Inc

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