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Dear Jake,

I just got back from Senegal, Ghana and mainland USA. I have been gone
since Feb. 20. I am SO EXCITED to find the AFRICAN CINEMA listserv!!!!!!
Thank-you GOD!

What is required to "review" CATERPILLAR MOON?

Also, I am interested in seeing as much African cinema as I can. Is this
possible through you?

Furthermore, I have heard about something called FESPACO an International
Film Festival in Burkina Faso. I am thinking about taking a tour to Burkina
Faso Feb-Mar 1997 to attend the festival. Do you know anything about the

At 10:02 AM 2/20/96 EST, Jake Homiak, Smithsonian/Film Archives wrote:
>Originally from: "Jake Homiak, Smithsonian/Film Archives"
>Originally dated: Tue, 20 Feb 96 10:02:05 EST
>For the past few years I have been serving as the film/video reviews
>editor for the journal African Arts. Given my background as an
>anthropologist the handfull of reviews that I've solicited have tended
>to be on ethnographic films on African subjects. I am, however,
>interested in learning about new works by African filmmakers
>both on the continent and in the Diaspora.
>Interested parties are invited to contact:
Jake Homiak
Human Studies Film Archives, MRC 123
Smithsonian Institution
Washington, DC 20560
tel: 202/786-2670 or 357-1976
fax: 202/357-2208

>At the present time I am interested in a review of CATERPILLAR MOON,
>a BBC Under the Sun production which focuses on contemporary African
>Anyone interested in reviewing this work?
??????? "evoke beauty, truth, light and love....peace!"
@ @ & "be careful what you wish for .... you might get it!"
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<> Prema Qadir, B.S.C.E. = 8< D

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