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Here is a related bit you might be interested in...
and news of the film festival in Denmark...
- Dandemutande Calendar -
5 June 1996 edition

Zimbabwean musical & cultural events (and related arts) worldwide

Dandemutande Magazine
1711 East Spruce Street, Seattle WA 98122-5728 USA
phone 1 (206) 323-6592 -- fax 1 (206) 329-9355
web page

"Images of Africa" Festival
Fri 14 Jun 1996 through Sat 6 Jul 1996
The largest African cultural festival outside of Africa in 1996, with
thousands of events all over the country. Tel 45 (33) 15 15 64, fax 45 (33)
32 81 82.

Dandemutande Calendar
c/o Paul Novitski
1711 East Spruce Street
Seattle WA 98122-5728 USA

phone 1 (206) 323-6592
fax 1 (206) 329-9355
web page

Dandemutande is a magazine devoted to the music and culture of Zimbabwe,
giving special attention to traditional and contemporary music as performed
on mbira and marimba. Dandemutande consists of a monthly calendar of musical
events worldwide; a magazine containing articles on the music, the
and their instruments; a resource guide listing performers, teachers,
instrument makers, etc.; and a mail order catalog offering books,
films, and art.

Subscriptions of 12 issues are $15 surface mail, $25 air mail. A sample copy
costs $1 surface mail, $2 air mail.

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