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By way of introduction: Peace Corps-Liberia (62-64);UCLA film school;
then, based in Southern California, 12 years as documentary/educational
filmmaker/editor; then 6 years broadcast journalism field producer for local
CBS station; then 6 years management of documentary unit at local public
television station... now back to freelance documentary production.
Currently, I'm attempting to raise funds for and make contacts that
would help in the production of two documentary projects:

1) FAMILY TREE, a reflection by five extended Liberian families on the 170
year relationship between Liberia and US; and 2) SCARS a four part
series on healing the wounds of "small" wars, one-hour portraits of
families/communities dealing with aftermath of chaos, violence, loss,
revenge in Mozambique, Angola, Rwanda, Liberia, Sudan, Eritrea,
Cambodia, Peru, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan. I would welcome
information on several topics: film/video/still archival material on
prior films on Liberia; films on sub-Saharan indigenous "mental health,"
community-rebuilding, reintegration of child soldiers; cultural amnesia...
names and contacts with African documentarians and others who may have
with these issues.

My phone/FAX/message is: (415) 321-5056. Thanks for sharing.

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