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"Across Languages and Cultures: Creative Writing in English
by non-Native Speakers" will be held Oct 24-26, 1996, at
West Chester University, West Chester, PA.
This conference aims to explore how non-native
speakers of English, especially Africans, use the language
in their creative writing. Writers will discuss the
challenges of writing across cultural language boundaries
with emphasis on the inter-personal processes involved in
using English and/or African vernaculars to mediate and
articulate experiences, thoughts and artistic creations.
A second aim of the conference is to encourage
scholars to examine the cultural and linguistic features of
the English language as used by Africans in creative
writing during the past 50 years.
A third aim is to place African creative writing and
poly-lingualism in the context of multiculturalism and
poly-lingualism elsewhere (e.g. among the African-American
diaspora) and in other situations produced by conquest,
immigration, and exile.
Keynote speaker is Chinua Achebe, and invited
plenary speaker is Ngugi wa Thiong'o.
For more information contact Obinkaram Echewa, Dept
of English, West Chester University, West Chester, PA 19380;
tel 610-436-2822; fax 215-849-1071; e-mail

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