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Date: Wed, 18 Sep 1996
From: Peter Limb, University of Western Australia

Here are a few highlights from the latest edition
of the SACOD newsletter which is published
by Southern Africa Communication for
Development (SACOD), an alliance of
independent film and video producers.
Excerpts re-published by H-AfrArts with
the permission of:
David Lush
Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA)
Private Bag 13386
Windhoek, Namibia
Tel. +264 61 232975, Fax. 248016
MWC, Editor, H-AfrArts

In June Eye to Eye Productions completed a programme on San
Rock Paintings of Swaziland called The Art, The People, The
Mystery. Eye to Eye are busy filming The Making of a
Traditional Swazi Home, the concept of which is to reproduce
the home as it would have been when lived in by a man and
his two wives in pre-colonial times. At the end of June Eye to
Eye ran a four day training course on pre-production for the
Swaziland National Environment Education Council. In March
six of Eye to Eye's titles were selected for TVE(UK), the
Television Trust for the Environment, for world wide distribution
to low and middle income developing countries.

Framework has four productions underway:
They are line producing two large scale Belgian TV series, Kongo
and Diamonds, which are being shot in and around the Eastern
Highlands of Zimbabwe.

Kongo is the largest TV production ever filmed in Zimbabwe
with a local budget of around US$1.7 million and a six month
shooting schedule.

Whereas Kongo is an epic political love story spanning two
generations, Diamonds is set in the present and follows the
adventures of diamond smugglers in the adventure/action
genre. Both series use Zimbabwean locations as a double for
the Belgian Congo/Zaire.

Framework is also co-producing Fools in South Africa. Directed
by Ramadan Suleman, Fools - Je Vous Demande Pardon is the
first South African feature film to be directed by a black
South African filmmaker and is also the first regional feature
to be co-produced between Mozambique, South Africa and

Other films by SACOD members shown at a recent regional film

Swaziland Carving a Future by David Brown / Eye to Eye
Productions, 10 minutes, Siswati with English subtitles.
The life and work of Johan Mhlanga, a wood carver in Lobamba.

Building With Stone by David Brown / Eye to Eye Productions,
30 minutes. A British expert offers a guide to different uses of stone.

Zimbabwe Mbira by Simon Bright, 52 minutes.
A music film about the traditional mbira instrument, with Thomas
Mpfumo, Oliver Mtukudzi, Comrade Chinx and others.

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