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The depiction of women in African Films

It seems to me that LA VIE EST BELLE(Mweze/Lamy);
offer contrasting perspectives. In LA VIE EST BELLE, male
supremacy is confronted with its opposite, to a point.
We have a domineering wife as the major female protagonist.
The women in that film are pretty strong independent types
for the most part. QUARTIER MOZART has "Queen of the Hood"
playing a dominant role as she successfully gets to understand the
sexual politics of the neighborhood. This is not WAITING TO EXHALE
by any means. There is a strong pride and confidence exuding from
the main protagonist. She has better things to do than sit around
waiting for men or agonize about their absence. On the flip side
of the coin, and in contrast to women in the first two films we
have a pathetic figure in the form of Wend Kuuni's mom- victimised
for daring to live alone and not remarry. Well, funny enough
most of my students seem to like this film more than any other.

Gloria Emeagwali
African Studies
PS I hope this isn't a duplicate, but my records show it never went out...
Also I hope you don't mind suddenly so many postings, but I've just come
back from Harare and the festival there, and have lots to share...
Steve Smith, moderator

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