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The African film industry requires government intervention in the form of
grants, tax incentives and subsidies if it is to survive international
competition, a South African delegate to a film financing workshop said

Carl Fischer, presenting South Africa's experiences in the development
industry, said government support was more important now as an onslaught of
foreign productions through satellite television had begun. The workshop is
a part of the on-going Southern African Film Festival where the problems
afflicting the region's film industry are being discussed with a view to
coming up with concrete resolutions, especially on attracting private
investment. "With the help of our governments and broadcasters, we can
create some space for our own stories and images told by Africans." He said

government intervention would help the donor-dependant industry become more
self-sustaining. South Africa, he said, was presently circulating a white
paper which would establish the Film Foundation, a government arm to support

the industry.

While the white paper was being processed, an interim $25 million fund to
help the film-makers and documentary producers was in the pipeline. The
entry of South Africa into the regional industry is expected to boost
production because of that country's advancement in terms of facilities,
personnel and equipment. On average countries in the East and Southern
African region produce about one film each year, yet capacity exists for
about three.

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