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Film Resource Unit [FRU]'S Role in Supporting African Film

1) Facilitated the lisencing of 13 African films to SABC.
2) Facilitated the lisencing of 6 African films to M-Net.
3) Facilitated the lisencing of 8 African films to NBC.
4) Presently engaged the ZBC in a contract for film releases.
5) Recently broke the theatrical sector with Hyenas release.
6) presently we have a African film release schedule for up to next year
7) A strong focused press strategy is our weapon
8) We also include film and TV schools the best way we can.
9) FRU takes African film to rural remote areas through video
screenings on the van.[MVEP]
10) FRU & Unisa continue organising an annual Unisa African film
11) FRU screens African film allover the Southern region.
12) FRU Lobbies negotiating to the Education Dpt. to include African
film in the Syllabus for university's
13) FRU releases on a monthly bases African film through different
sectors like
a) institutions
b) Community organisations and Government Dpt.
c) Broadcasters& Retailers

For more information on African Film details:
Contact LUCKY Tel: 27 011 838-4280
available on request our African Film catalogue
and our release schedule.

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