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Dear Friends,

I am an engineer and public access television producer. I produced a series
of television programs with a focus on African Pride, via a Public Access
Center in Hawaii, USA. We have a policy here of accepting 10% submissions
from outside our state.

Does South Africa Public Access Television accept submissions from outside
of South Africa?

I am interested in sending some of my programs for broadcast on South
African public access television stations.

Also, many of my programs were taped *live*. That is, our viewers were
empowered to interact with myself and my co-host via telephone as we were
transmitting from the television studio.

I have been online for almost two years now. My ambition is to continue my
television projects over the Internet. Are there any plans in South Africa
to provide public access webcasting/cybercasting?

I envision a day when producers like myself can link with other producers of
content to provide programming for worldwide consumption via the Internet.

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