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Southern African International Film and TV Market

Cape Town 13 - 17 November 1996

Notice from Bev Brown
Tel : (011) 714-3215 / 714-3229

All Market registrations must please be faxed through to myself on
(+27-11) 714-3275 as I need to pre-arrange badge registration.

Delegates can bring their photos to the registration desk at the
Market, as long as I have their information and details before-hand.

We also need their details in order to list delegates in our official
Market Guide.

Notice about the co-production market
Issued by Steven Markovitz
South African Director - Co-Production Market

The Co-production section of the Market will consist of panel
discussions with experts on examples of co-productions and look at
broader issues facing co-productions.

Most importantly, the Co-production Market will match you and your
project with international buyers/broadcasters/partners where you will
be given the opportunity to pitch to them, and convince them to
finance and/or participate in your project.

What we need from you is to fully complete the Co-production Market
registration form and fax it to us before 25 October, 1996. We will
then issue your project with a registration number.

Your project will be passed on to the international organisers who
will make a final selection for the Co-production Market. The
selected projects will be matched with potential international
partners. During the Market you will pitch your project to the
international participants at the pitching sessions.

If you wish to participate in the Co-production Market you have to
register for the broader Market and pay the registration fee or apply
for subsidy. In order to register for the Market please contact one
of the following people :

Cape Town
Sue Corbett Tel : (021) 480-3307 Fax : (021) 480-3130

Bev Brown Tel : (011) 714-3215 / 714-3229 Fax : (011)

Your participation in our Inaugural Market will contribute greatly to
the shape and quality of future markets, and cementing relationships
between Southern African, and International Film and Television
communities. We look forward to your participation.

Please contact myself (Steven Markovitz) for further information or
if you wish to receive a co-production registration form (Form B in
the registration pack)

Fax : (021) 23-6448
Tel : (021) 24-0731
Steven Markovitz
South African Director - Co-Production Market

The Registration Pack can be downloaded from the Market Home page at

Alan Hammond
Showdata Webmaster

Phone (+27 21) 531 4876
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