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Date: Oct 10, 1996


by Carol Lems-Dworkin

- An informative guide to videos featuring African music, dance,
drama, rituals, oral tradition, storytelling, games, healing practices,
carnivals, work activities, pageantry, athletic performance, folklore,
ethnographic studies, women's studies, children's videos, and more.

- Includes selected videos of the African diaspora showing significant
links to Africa - jazz, blues, gospel, Candomble, steel pan, calypso,
reggae, samba, Santeria, rap and related subjects. Over 68 countries
represented. Illustrations.

- Contains a Names Index, Distributors Index, 37-page Subject index,
and a video formats chart.

- Over 1,390 Annotated Entries
- 353 Pages
- Paperback
- Published: September, 1996
- Carol Lems-Dworkin Publishers: Evanston IL
- ISBN 0-9637048-1-8
- Library of Congress catalog number: 96-94101

- $57 US total price includes shipping. Orders will be filled within
one week of receipt of funds.

More information, including excerpts from the Introduction, sample
entries from the bibliography, and samples of the indexes, can be
found on the World Wide Web at

For more information, or to order, contact:

Carol Lems-Dworkin Publishers
Box 1646
Evanston IL 60204-1646 USA
Telephone 847-869-4235
Fax 847-869-4239
notice of this book was posted earlier, but this is more information, and I
thought it worthwhile to post it again
Steve Smith, moderator

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