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Southern African International Film and TV Market

Cape Town 13 - 17 November 1996

Market News

## 1 ## Deadline For Registration Forms
Those wishing to register for the Market are urged to fax their
Registration forms to the Market office before Friday 18th October.
This will ensure that company and personal details will be included in
The Market Guide. The fax number is (+27 11) 714-3275.

Registration will still be open after this date and late entries will
be included on a loose insert to the Market Guide.
## 2 ## Call For Product
To all Southern African filmmakers - Screening of your full length
feature, documentary, or short will contribute to the unique profile
of our first annual Film Market. Registration is open to all
companies and individuals who would like to see their films screened
during the event.

For further information on registering your product call one of the
numbers below ad tell them you heard about the Call For Product via
the Showdata Market News.

Cape Town - Dinah - Tel (+27 21)480-3307
Fax (+27 21)714-3275

Johannesburg - Carmel - Tel (+27 11)714-3229
Fax (+27 11)714-3275
## 3 ## Registration Packs
The organising office has been swamped by requests from international
professionals who want to attend this inaugural Market. The Mipcom
desk has been doing a roaring trade in registration forms among
attendees at that event. If you are a SA producer it would be a crime
to miss out on this crucial event.

If you don't have a copy of the registration pack you can downloaded
one from the web site at The pack
should be unzipped and then you will have all the forms for the
various aspects of the Market.

Those wishing to take part in the Co-Production Market should fax
their completed registration forms to (021) 23-6448 before 25 October,
1996. Your project will then be issued with a registration number.
## 3 ## Accommodation and Activities Guide
We have added an Accommodation Guide to the Market web site at If you are looking for
accommodation during the event this page lists a number of hotels and
guest houses and their phone numbers.

If you have accommodation that you would like to offer for rent during
November please send details to We will
provide free listings until the Market begins.

Do you need other information for yourselves or your clients during
the event? Trips on the wine route, restaurants, peninsula tours or
anything else. Please let us know via email at
and we will try to include details on the web site.
## 4 ## Confirmed Delegates For The Market At 16/10/96
Tv Popular Angola

Artist Services Australia (Tbc)
Becker Group Ltd (Tbc)
Film Australia (Tbc)

Cbc Canada (Tbc)
Great North Releasing


Media Asia Group

Kenya Broadcasting Corporation

Daro Film Distribution

Namibia (On Land Productions)
Namibian Broadcasting Corporation

African Barter Company
Avalon Cinemas
Big World Cinema
California Office Of Trade & Investment
Cape Africa Film & Tv Servicing
Catalyst Films
Chameleon Casting
Comart Films Cc
Community Video Education Trust
Do Productions
Donpaul & Associates
Evergreen Pictures
Film Afrika Worldwide
Film Resource Unit
Fossil Films
Franz Marx Films
French Institute Of South Africa
M-Net Buyers
Morula Pictures
Multitalk (Sabc)
New Filmmaker's Forum
Penguin Films
Phakathi Films
Plexus Headspace Collective
R.M. Productions
Radiopark Studios
Richard Stewart Enterprises (Pty) Ltd
Riverstone Productions
Salamander Motion Picture Producers
Scy Productions
Shadow Films
Shield Insurance
Streetwise Filmworks
The Independents Group
Timescape Film & Tv
Underdog Productions
Uprising Productions
Whole Lot
Wildscreen Films
Wiz Tv Cc
Women In Film
World Courier

Sveriges Television
Sveriges Television
Tv4 - Sweden

Endemol Entertainment
Evangelische Omproep
Off The Fence

Action Time Limited
All American
Bbc Worldwide (Tbc)
Capricorn Programmes
Capricorn Programmes Ltd
Discovery Communications Europe
Focus Tv (Tbc)
Graeme Mcintyre (Tbc)
Warner Bros (Tbc)

20th Century Fox
Disney (Tbc)
Paramount Pictures

Africa Film & Tv
Edwina Spencer Productions
Facilities Warehouse
Framework International
Time Frame Productions
Vagabond Productions

Mtm (Tbc)
Alan Hammond
Showdata Webmaster
Phone (+27 21) 531 4876
The SA Film & TV Internet Directory
The A to Z of the SA Film & TV industry

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