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About: 10 million AIDS orphans?

Mon, 21 Oct 1996 12:17:15 -0400

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Subject: 10 million?

Steve...thanks for posting more information on "Everyone's Child". What is
your source for the quote: " the turn of the century there will be more
than 10 million children orphaned by AIDS across the continent"?

The quote about 10,000,000 orphans in Africa comes from many places. WHO
estimates 10-15 million orphans throughout Africa. Zimbabwe official
figures are 600,000, unofficial are close to 1,000,000. That's for Zimbabwe
alone. Orphan is defined variously as having lost mother or having lost
mother or father (depending on the source). This is fair enough, because
with AIDS, the chances the other will also die, and probably resources (and
health) are all but completely diminished by the time one parent dies, and
less care is available.

cheers, Steve Smith

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