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i am presently a third year graduate student at UCLA doing two degrees; a
Masters in African Area Studies, and an MFA in Film and Television (i'm a
filmmaker who also is a devout African cinema enthusiast. i'm in the
process of organizing the second annual Pan African film festival (PAN
AFRIKAN VISIONS '97) at UCLA which will be held again this year in May
(second week).

Last year's festival was more or less a 'greatest hits package' of African
cinema: the classics, early cinema, and new cinema (i have info and a
program on e-mail if you'd like). This year's festival will showcase 4
programs (2 features per program) of new Pan African Cinema, and a complete
retrospective of the work of the godfather of African cinema, Ousmane
Sembene. i'm also in negotiations with him right now to bring him to here
to speak after each program. It will be his first time in LA, and i plan to
honor him like he has never been honored in the United States-i'm planning
what i hope will be a really great event!

i'm also going to FESPACO in February to look for new films. If you have
any suggestions, please feel free to let me know.

i hope that intro isn't too long! Take care!


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