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Check your facts. Ousmane has been at UCLA before, and there have
been other African and Pan African film festivals in the past. As a UCLA
film/video production graduate I know that both Ousmane and his films have
been there before. Have you spoken to Tshombe?
O.F. Makarah

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> i am presently a third year graduate student at UCLA doing two degrees; a
> Masters in African Area Studies, and an MFA in Film and Television (i'm a
> filmmaker who also is a devout African cinema enthusiast. i'm in the
> process of organizing the second annual Pan African film festival (PAN
> AFRIKAN VISIONS '97) at UCLA which will be held again this year in May
> (second week).
> Last year's festival was more or less a 'greatest hits package' of African
> cinema: the classics, early cinema, and new cinema (i have info and a
> program on e-mail if you'd like). This year's festival will showcase 4
> programs (2 features per program) of new Pan African Cinema, and a
> retrospective of the work of the godfather of African cinema, Ousmane
> Sembene. i'm also in negotiations with him right now to bring him to here
> to speak after each program. It will be his first time in LA, and i plan
> honor him like he has never been honored in the United States-i'm planning
> what i hope will be a really great event!
> i'm also going to FESPACO in February to look for new films. If you have
> any suggestions, please feel free to let me know.
> i hope that intro isn't too long! Take care!
> -n'dine

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