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A Journal for Cultural Studies

Theme Issue: African Media

Vol 10 Nos 1 1996 120pp.

The Voortrekkers on Film: from Preller to pornography
- Edwin Hees (Stellenbosch University)

Literature and the Social Functions of Language: critical notes
on an African debate - Joe Obi (Richmond University, USA)

THE LION KING Animated Storybook: a case study of aesthetic and
economic power - Audrey Ricker (Univ of Arizona)

Television Drama in Hausaland: the search for a new aesthetic
and a new ethic - Louise Bourgault (Northern Michigan University)


Post-Mod Cons: consumerism and cultural studies - Eve Bertelsen
(Univ of Cape Town)

Report of the Arts and Culture Task Group Presenred to the
Minister of Arts, Culture, Science and Technology, June 1995.
A Critique - JJ Williams


International Subscriptions:

$US80 per volume (Institutional).
$45 per volume (Individuals)
Single copies: $35

Southern African Subscriptions:
R70 per volume (institutional)
R50 per volume (individuals)
Single copies: R30

European Rates can be obtained from Intervention Press (below).

Australian rates are the same as US rates except in Australian

* Centre for Cultural and Media Studies, University of Natal,
Durban 4041, South Africa.
Fax: +27 (31) 260-1519.

* European sales from Intervention Press, Castenschioldsvej
7, DK 8270 Hojbjerg, Denmark.
Fax: +45 86 275133.

* Australian sales, Centre for Research in Culture and
Communication, Murdoch University, Murdoch, WA 6150.
Fax: (09) 310-6285

CRITICAL ARTS is now co-edited with the Centre for Research in
Culture and Media, Murdoch University, Perth, Australia.

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