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DSR is happy to announce that effective today, we are changing the price
structure for "Everyone's Child" videos. In consultation with experts at
California Newsreel and Full Frame and others, who we feel are very
knowledgeable about pricing issues, we have changed the prices of videos to
the following:

$49.95 for VHS NTSC videos for individuals, churches, public libraries, high

schools, community groups and non-profit institutions in North America.

$199 for VHS NTSC videos for universities and colleges in North America
(unless the video is purchased as a part of a bulk offer of at least 5
videos, then the cost would be $99)

$79 for VHS PAL videos for use overseas outside North America (bulk rate
discounts are available for orders of over 10 videos)

We have developed this price structure over the last couple months in order
to yield the widest possible distribution of the film, and also to earn fair

profits and royalties in order to cover costs. As many of you know,
distribution of African videos is not a very profitable business. (We
continue to take losses every year.) With this price structure, we expect
that it will still be a couple years before DSR makes a net profit on this
video's distribution. We will be establishing a network of distributors
that are expert in getting videos such as this out to users in the USA,
Canada and the Caribbean. All will be selling at this same price structure
with non-exclusive distribution rights. This is a new price structure
concept for DSR, but we feel it has the most potential of maximizing
distribution and fair profits. If anyone has any questions or comments
please contact me, Steve Smith at

I would welcome any discussion about pricing of African videos on the
African Cinema Conference.

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