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>Sorry if I've already posted this a few months back (I can't
>remember!): Does anyone know how to get hold of a video called
>"La vie platinee"? It was filmed in Cote d'Ivoire around the
>mid-1980s--a humorous look at the Koteba Ballet troupe from
>Abidjan, featuring drummer Mamady Keita. I have seen the film,
>and vaguely remember spotting the video in a catalog. Thanks.

I think Keita is from Guinee and therefore I'm not certain
if we are talking about the same documentary.
Anyway, a beautiful documentary with Mamady Keita
as the master-drummer was produced in Brussels by a Belgian filmmaker.
I think she worked with the CBA.
So, why don't you contact the Centre Bruxellois d'Audiovisuel
(CBA), 18, rue Joseph-II, tel.32/2/218.40.80 ?

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