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Subject: Query: La Vie Platinee

Subject: Query : La Vie platinee


My name is Francoise Wera, I am from Montreal and am one of the founder of
Vues d'Afrique, which organize every year, since 1985, an African and
creole film festival in Montreal.

Regarding La Vie platinee, it is a feature length film directed bu CLAUDE
CADIOU. It is a 1987 France-Ivory-Coast co-production. The title in English

is TREICHVILLE STORY . The press relase says: "The film is a mixture of
musical comedy and detective story and gives a humourous account of the life

of young Africans today through modern African dance and music." It features

l'ensemble Koteba d'Abidjan, Nadia Do Sacramento, Souleymane Koly, Yves
Zogbo Junior. (No mention of Keita)

I don't know if the following adresses are still good but at the time of
the film release the foreign sales were from
Michel GUE 122 rue de la Boetie
75008 Paris
Tel : (33) 1 42 89 13 94
Telex 643529 MGIMTEL

The distribution of the film was by
Distribution AAA
12 bis, rue Keppler
75016 Paris
Tel (33)1 47 23 50 68

I hope this will help you.

PS. I had to adjust lots of spelling on this as much was scrambled -
probably some is wrong, Steve Smith, moderator

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