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Wed, 27 Nov 96 08:48:00 PST

Dear Afcin subscribers:

I want to tell you a few bits of general information about the African
Cinema Conference listserver as we approach our first anniversary. Lately
there has been some trouble with the software that runs our program. There
has been several <no subject> postings, and lots of delays as I have had to
submit postings 2-3 times. Sorry, but these things happen sometimes. I
think it is over now and all fixed.

Also we are almost done putting all the past postings on the DSR WWW site.
I'll send out an announcement when it is done, but we printed up hundreds
of postings and divided them into the following subject areas and
Webmistress Shanti Smith is now in process of putting them on

Journals, newsletters and magazines
Festivals and conferences
Related web sites
Related listserver discussion groups
Cinema halls in Africa
University programs and African film schools
Specific African films (Hyneas, Everyone's Child, Flame, etc)
Misc resources

Also a couple people have asked about subscribing and unsubscribing.
Basically the process is simple. To unsubscribe just send the following in

the text of a message to

unsubscribe african-cinema-conference

OR to subscribe:

subscribe african-cinema-conference

And to send postings to the list,, please just send it to:

Feedback on how to improve the listserver, or just how wonderful it is, or
of any sort is always welcome. I think most of our 150 subscribers enjoy
the conference, but if there is any way I can improve it, I'm happy to try.

Steve Smith

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