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Subject: FESPACO travel from New York package information (fwd)
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Date: Tue, 26 Nov 1996 09:41:07 -1000
From: Prema Qadir <>

Thank-you for posting the information from Laye Thiam. I
had waited for over a month to get this information. In the
mean time, I found another tour company which is offering a
package to Burkina Faso.

As you know, I have also been asking about more information
on FESPACO. Since nothing was available on the Internet, I
took it upon myself to create an UNOFFICIAL FESPACO Home

Also, since I observed that there was no information on tour
companies, I added that information to the Unofficial
FESPACO Home Page.

And finally, everyone will see that I have included a link on the FESPACO
Home Page to Haggins International Tours:

Unlike you, I cannot afford the full ticket price to Burkina
Faso. I have contracted with Jon Haggins to get a discount
on my tour package if a certain number of people sign-up for
the Haggins package via the Internet. I am telling everyone
this so that you all know where I am coming from. I am
working my way to FESPACO, folks.

As an aside, I'd like to say that competition is healthy. I
think there is plenty of room for any and all tour operators
to have our business. In that regard, I will be adding a
link to Laye's tour company since he has not indicated that
he, indeed, has a web presence.

Laye, please go to: to
view the webpage which I made for Timbuck Tours/Travel Gems.
I apologize for not being able to spend much time on it, as
I am busy making websites for several clients.

Laye, if you don't like the web page, or you want it removed
from the Internet, I will be happy to oblige you. But, I
hope you will accept it as a gift and as a token of my
appreciation for ALL who are making FESPACO possible.

I look forward to meeting everyone and seeing some really
good African Cinema at FESPACO in Burkina Faso!!!!

Evoke Beauty, Truth, Light and Love ...... Peace! Prema
Qadir = 8< ) My Home Page URL:
"only morality in our actions,
can give beauty and dignity to life."
-- albert einstein

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