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_The Zimbabwe Review_

Vol 3:1(January 1997).=20


Comment 2

History 3
It Gets Worse as it Gets Better
Knox Chitiyo appraises the role of the ZNA in Mozambique

Critique 5
Whatever happened to Socialist Feminism?
Marc Epprecht asks why this theory has become passe

War 8
Out on a Limb
Alois Mlambo considers the contribution of Kriger's
Zimbabwe's Guerrilla War to historical studies

SAFF Film Festival 10
What We Deserve
Martin Mhando discusses the 1996 Southern African
Film Festival

Film 11
The More the Smoke, the Less the Light
Martin Mhando analyses Flame

Autobiography 13
Robert Baldock reviews Mukiwa by Peter Godwin

Political Economy 14
Reinventing the Nation State
Alois Mlambo discusses Challenges to the Nation State
in Africa edited by A.Olukoshi and L. Laako
Language 15
White Facts, Black Truths
Eric Hamadziripi comments on Zimbabwe: Facing
the Facts by Eric Bloch and John Robertson

Sketches 16
Welcome to Filabusi
Jo Veldeman describes his recent trip to Matabeleland

Poetry 18
Public and Private Voices
John Eppel evaluates Ngara's Songs from the Temple
and Chigono's Flag of

War 19
The Case of the Missions
Brian Raftopolous reviews On the Frontline by Janice McLaughlin

War 21
Traversing War Territory
Titus Moetsabi reviews Society in Zimbabwe's
Liberation War Vol. 2 ed. by N. Bhebe and T. Ranger

Film 22
Melodrama in Empty Pots
Martin Mhando reviews Everyone's Child

Gender 23
Breaching Norms
Isabel Mukonyora considers White Women, Race
Matters by Ruth Frankenberg

Films 25
Local Colour
John Matshikiza watches South Africa at the movies

Prize winning novels 26
A Season of Promise
Petal Johnson discusses Commonwealth Prize winning
Winds of Change by Dene Coetzee

Prize winning novels 28
The Inner Landscape of Unhappy Families
Shari Eppel reviews two Commonwealth Prize winning novels
Children's Books 29
Stories for Children
Helen Beecher describes seven children's storybooks
Letters to the Editor 31
Books Reviewed 32
Contributors 32
Acknowledgements 32


Carole Pearce
The Zimbabwean Review

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